Main characteristics of stock markets

Investing in stocks can be a good way of creating a retirement or college funds. Nowadays, with the development of technology, it has become more widely available and accessible to everyone. The Internet has made it possible for stock trading to be cheaper and easily accessible. What’s more, you can trade directly on the stock market, but also through binary options and by using automated trading software such as Millionaire Blueprint.

Who can trade on stock markets?

Basically, anyone can trade on the stock market. It is especially accessible through binary options in case you are not a financial expert. It is not necessary to be someone from the field of finance, but stock trading still requires a great deal of knowledge in this area. It is true that anyone can trade on the stock market, but you are unlikely to be successful if you do not learn the basics first, and keep learning.

If you are at the beginning of your stock trading career, we will introduce you to some essential features of this market.

Global and regulated market

First of all, if you decide to trade on stock market, it is good to know that every large market is regulated by law. In the United States it is The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that regulates the industry and the markets such as The New York Stock Exchange. This enables your funds to be safe, but also allows you to get all the necessary information on time.


These markets operate globally, so there are American, European and Asian stock markets. They are all available for online trading and they are interconnected. For example, you will find stocks of European companies listed on American and Asian markets, American companies on European and Asian markets etc. All the markets are available online, so you can access each of them from any corner of the globe.

Volatile market

volatile-marketsStock market experiences volatility like other trading markets. Every market reacts to the changes like political and economic events in the country, corporate earnings, economic reports and the like. This always poses a risk for traders, but they can minimize it by diversifying the portfolio. Also, it is wise to ignore short-term fluctuations, because the traders are more likely to profit on long-term changes.


Every stock market provides high liquidity, gathering buyers and sellers fro all over the globe. There are small differences between the offer and demand, which results in high liquidity. The speed of executing the trades and spreading the information to traders also plays a role in this case.

Risk-return ratio

If you decide to invest in stocks, you must now that they are not the same as treasury bonds. They bear a certain amount of risk, and their value changes every time the company’s economic environment changes. Also, the political situation in the country may affect the value of stocks. These are the reasons why the traders need to perform fundamental analysis before buying and selling stocks.